EZSkate Technology

EZSkates can be used with any normal sport shoe. Lateral stability - which is normally provided by a stiff and tight skate boot - is provided by a stabilizer arm. This arm can move freely forward and backward but not sidewards. It is strapped to the lower leg just below the knee. Effectively, it holds the wheels always parallel to the lower leg with a minimum of force on the foot and lower leg.

Given the stabilizer arm, it is at the same time ideal to trigger a brake - the EZBrake: a brake pad located centrally under the foot is pressed to the road once the skater pushes the foot forward.

Clearly, a big advantage of EZSkate is the fact that comfortable (and fashionable) sport shoes can be used. For walking, the skate can be removed in seconds. The powerful EZBrake is most easy to use and has maximum stopping power thanks to the central position of the brake pad. Read more about advantages of EZSkate / EZBrake!
This is an image gallery with many detailed views to EZSkate / EZBrake construction.
Learn more about EZSkates: View Foils or Download PPT file (1.6 MB)

From beginners to race professionals, from city to marathon, there are all sorts of users and applications to consider. See where and how EZSkate / EZBrake can be used.
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